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         Advocates Keep Swinging For Death Row Inmate
          Carlos De Luna Execution: Innocent Man Put To Death Columbia University Team​execution-_n_1507003.html

Huffington Post May 15, 2012 Texas Executed The Wrong Man
I have seen a wicked man in great power and spreading himself like a green tree in its native soil. Yet he passed away, and behold, he was not; yes, I sought and inquired for him, but he could not be found.“ Psalm 37:35,36
Truth Serum Part 1
Truth Serum Part 2
   Truth Serum Part 3
     Truth Serum Part 4
Old Zeigler Furniture Store March 2011
Truth Serum Part 5
          WFTV Orlando Reporter George Spencer Interviews Head Judge Honorable
               ​ Belvin Perry​ Regarding Florida's Justice System June 19, 2012.
             May 2012 CNN Over 2,000, That's TWO THOUSAND Wrongfully Convicted       ​
                                      Miscarriage Of Justice

                                      Florida Death Penalty Reform Long Over Due
                                    Virtual Tour Of Florida Death Row Cell
   Imagine For 60 Seconds Spending 37 Years In This Cell Wrongfully Convicted
Below Tommy Zeigler 1976 At A Hospital In Largo, Florida Given Truth Serum By Dr. Theodore Mackler. Every Word Of His Story About Being Attacked, Shot And Left For Dead By A Gang Of Killer Robbers Is Proven And Verified. Charlie Mays' Friend, Armed Robber On Parole Robert Foster Was One Of Them. 
Mr. Zeigler Is Certain The Burly Man  He Tells Of  Who Was Throwing Him Around  Before He Is Shot In His Mid Section With A 357 Magnum Is In Fact The Same  Robert Milton Foster We Have Located
                          Tommy Zeigler Is a VICTIM!
​     This Travesty Of Justice Must Be Stopped Immediately
" I'm Certain, As Certain As You Can Be That Robert Foster Was One Of The Blurs In The Fight. Yes, Yes, I Believe He Was Involved In The Murders." Quote From William Thomas Zeigler The Victim Who Lived To Tell About It.
Oral ArgumentsRegarding This Motion Were Heard By Judge Reginald Whitehead2012_Aug_3... On August 30, 2012 At 1:30 pm
                                                        Witness In Store Slaying Under Guard January 1, 1976
             Rush To Judgment
                                             Murder Case Key Witness Is In Hiding December 31, 1975,3781352&dq=zeigler+witness+robert+foster&hl=en
Michael Clarke Duncan Rest In Peace. 
​You Helped Wrongfully Convicted William Thomas Zeigler's Case. Blessings To You
Truth Serum Part 6 The End
 "Sing Me Back Home" Dennis Wallace Originally by Merle Haggard

November 13, 2012 Orange County Fl. Circuit Court Judge Reginald Whitehead's Decision
 order denying Motion To Vacate

 With His Investigator Lynn-Marie Carty Tommy Zeigler Is Innocent
                                  Supreme Court Ruling,0,725271.story
          WFLA 8 News NBC Keith Cate's 30 Minute
Special DEATH ON HOLD The Case Of Tommy Zeigler
Do Not Forget To Entertain Strangers, For By So Doing Some People Have Entertained Angels Without Knowing It.  ~ Hebrews 13:2 NIV
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William Thomas Zeigler ​The Washington Post Radley Balko
We Are Grateful To The Producers At Investigation Discovery. Please Watch ​The Documentary I Co-Produced And Have Worked On ​For 2 Years About The Wrongful​ ​Conviction Of My Innocent Suffering Death Row Client Mr. William Thomas Zeigler Jr.​
Coming Soon!! Brand New Book The Son Behind The Glass Door
​Proves Real Motive And Real Master​mind ​Of Zeigler Murders
Perry Edwards Jr. Was The States Confidential Informant. He Gave Them The Lies About Tommy Zeigler. Perry Jr. Told Prosecution Detective Don Frye He Had A Letter Written By His Sister Eunice That Proved Tommy Was In A Secret Homosexual Sex Ring With 26 Other Men. Perry Edwards Jr. Was Full Of Rage, His Power Was Being Taken Away. Greed Got The Best Of Him. He Was The Mastermind Of The Murders That His Brother In Law William Thomas Zeigler Jr. Is On Death Row For Right Now. He Hired The Men Who Attacked, Beat Up And Shot William Thomas Zeigler Jr. Perry Barnett Edwards Jr. Was Also There. He Was Behind The Glass Door.
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Please Watch Video Below Ken Roach Eye Ear Witness To Exonerating Evidence In The Quadruple Zeigler Murders Who Has Never Been Heard By Any Judge Or Any Of The Courts In Florida. Does That Sound Like Justice To You?